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At a time when the world finds itself unhappy with the state of music, due to technological
advances leading to the age of “free music”, it again finds itself on the precipice of itʼs next
musical revolution. As with the 60ʼs and 90ʼs, 30 years later, we find ourselves looking for
answers and the next sound to wow us. Enter our hero Vasco Jr. who like the phoenix, has
risen from the ashes to save us all.
Vasco Jr. believes that the time for playback has come and gone. Live is now the key, to
capturing the true spirit of music' natural form. Memorable moments shared between
souls, become collective synergies, between artists and audience alike. Creation feeds the
soul and in these pure moments, we are all connected to the Source. Vasco Jr. knows, that
his music is an extension of his audience and can only be created with their energy.
Born and raised in the cultural melting African pot of Cape Town, Vasco Jr. is noticeably
unique and like his ancestors before him there is a deep desire to pioneer music through
to the new age. Born from the fires of adversity, never fear as Vasco Jr. is immune to the
charms of the modern music industry, with its over formulaic, soulless, copy and paste
His mission is to seek the truth guided by the Holy Spirit through love and learning, saving
the people from the musical nightmare they now find themselves caught up in.

DJ Vasco Jr. Live

House/ Deep House
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