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Progresive House/Melodic / Techno

DJ Miss Louie has been DJing since 1998 and today works with a number of dance music genres that include organic house, melodic house, melodic progressive house and melodic techno. She also has a background In psytrance that she still uses to this day, mixing this old-school style into techno to create her own unique musical touch. She even brings her appreciation of classical music into her work. Her motivation to play with different music styles comes from her desire to keep people excited, encourage them to dance and enjoy the experience when she plays a set – whether that’s in a club, at a festival or at a private event. Miss Louie currently has her own show on Ibiza Stardust Radio and previously had her own music label with Nanobeat. She is now working on producing her own music once more. Miss Louie has played at Pacha in Portugal, the first Universo Paralello festival in Brazil and many outdoors locations in Mexico. After winning some top-notch equipment: Technics turntables and a mixer in a DJ competition in her native Denmark, her passion for DJing – and using vinyl – a medium she still likes to work with truly began. At this time, she also got the opportunity to work alongside some notable psytrance DJs, giving her the confidence to develop her DJ skills. Music is like therapy for Miss Louie, as is imparting positive energy to all she plays for.

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