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"Xavier Castane, aka X:VI (orXavi) was born in 1992 in Barcelona. His passion for electronic music appeared early on hischildhood while listening to some classic trance records with hi father. Only after he moved to Zurich eight years ago, he decided to get more involved in the city`s music scene and started working behind the bar in clubs such as Supermarket, Fridas Büxe or Spacemonki, where he could refine his musical taste and deep dive into new genres and styles. Even more, every time he listened to an artist and felt the energy and vibe from the side of the crowd, he couldnt wait to be behind the decks. It was then, during Corona, that he decided to buy a controller and his musical journey started. The objective was clear: to play groovy, hypnotising music with vibrant melodies and abducting beats that would make his audience connect with the only reality that exists, the present"


Deep Minimal Afro House
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