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House/ Afrohouse/Techno

Origen Poland/ Brasil

Music has always been in my heart, especially electro! From an early age I always loved house and techno ,afro house music, which brought me to the clubs scene in later life. 

I found my true passion and I always follow the beat to various clubs, venues and festivals to watch my favorite DJs.

Even though I have loved this genre of music for as long as I can remember, it was only five years ago that I decided to turn my passion into a hobby and try my talent at being a Dj and sign the contract with PITANGA female DJs support (Switzerland) Solidarity record and party label (Bern, Switzerland), member of Avana Ibiza Talent Agency. 

Since then, I have been professionally involved in the music industry as a music producer for over 4 years and played in small to large venues and clubs and festivals across Europe including Switzerland ( Bellevue club, Bagatelle, Wunderbox, Mascotte, Alte Kaserne, Terrasse, Street Parade, Zuri Fäscht, Doerflieascht ) Ibiza ( Plastic Club, Itaca, Lola’s, Rio club and Radio show - Ibiza Global radio ), France, Turkey, Marroco and Germany, Poland and Cabo Verde. 

I know that is only the beginning, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me.

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