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Eclectic Tech House Minimal Down Tempo


Thanks to his sensibility and elegance, NURIELI is able to combine acoustic instruments, vocals and melodies with groovy and fine electronics. 

His precise technique and experience, established during more than 20 years behind the decks, is reflected in irresistible and embracing tribal sets. NURIELI allows your spirit  to go on an anthropological journey around the world and makes it surrender to the rhythm.

This is exactly what led him to play in some of the most prestigious stages in Israel, for instance “The Block”, “Monochrome”, “Cat and Dog”, “Shalvata”, “Music TLV” and countless festivals.

However, NURIELI’s journey does not stop here. 

Many crowds in Europe have danced to his music before. Not only has NURIELI played in: Akasha Ibiza, Garden of Babylon, WooMoon Ibiza, Club Chinois Ibiza, Cutter Blau, Sisyphos, and Wilde Renate in Berlin, but also in the most colorful places Mexico has to offer, USA, Mykonos, Georgia, and Spain. Needless to say the list goes on!

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